Coronavirus Updates

Monday 7th September

From Monday we are open as usual (early closure Tuesday- Thursday at 5pm) for all children to attend.

Please make sure you have read the information sent home.  We are asking that children’s lunch boxes are plastic rather than fabric and washed daily and  toys are not brought in from home with the exception of comfort items needed to help children sleep. Unfortunately parents are now only allowed in the nursery for exceptional reasons. (For new children settling in visit’s will continue as normal although we ask that parents use hand gel, wear a mask and try to remain at a distance from staff and children where at all possible). Parents, please use the hand gel and stand back from the gate at pick up and drop off. Masks should be worn in building. Please bear with us during the pandemic, if children are feeling unwell, they should stay home, if they have COVID 19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has COVID 19 please follow the latest government advice, seek a test and keep the setting informed.

We may have to close for 14 days if there is a confirmed case within the nursery.

Friday 29th May

As of Monday we will be opening the nursery for a greater number of children. The ongoing pandemic means that we will be running things in a slightly different way. These are outlined below;-

Shorter days- the setting will be open 8am to 3pm Mon to Friday only. We know this causes problems for some of our parents and as things settle down we plan to go back to opening our normal hours, but currently we have members of staff who are unable to work in the nursery rooms due to clinical vulnerability/shielding affecting either themselves or their family members. Please bare with us.

Room allocations- Currently we have two groups of children with 7 and 9 children in each group. These groups will be taught separately and mixing during the day will be minimised. Group 1, Elephants will enter through the main room door and Group 2, Giraffes will enter through the baby room door. This does mean that the children’s key workers have been changed, but as we work as have always worked as team, new staff allocations still mean that familiar adults will be looking after your children

Elephants will be led by Charmaine and Lisa, while Giraffes will be led by Sandra and Clare, with Sandra responsible for the babies in their normal room, with Clare using the middle room for age appropriate activities with the older children.

Room layouts and resources- we have had to remove items like carpets and cuddly toys to make cleaning easier, so the rooms do look a little different. In the middle room we have had to partition off a corridor to allow children in group 1 to access the toilets. Each group will have an allocated toilet to use. Resources have been moved around so each all children will still have access to all areas of the EYFS curriculum.

Outdoor access-each group will be able to access the outdoors for scheduled play times with their group only and play items will be cleaned between groups. (We hope to be able to divide the garden in half to allow free flow access as this is what the older children are used to in warm weather, but need some extra barriers).

Our risk assessment is available here-coronavirus risk assessment 15 May 2020 vs 2

We urge all parents to become familiar with the Track and Trace process, to keep updated on the current social distancing guidelines and to wear face coverings in crowded places such and shops and on public transport.

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