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15th November 2018

Children in Need day on the 16th November.

Come dressed up, buy a raffle ticket or try to win £20 in the duck race. Raising funds for Children in Need. The children will be enjoying a Hey Duggee activity day.  The summer NCS students raised £700 + which the company has decided to donate to Children in Need. Lets see how much more we can raise!


2nd October 2018  from the 2nd the garden is out of bounds for a short time while we update the out buildings and have artificial grass laid in the central section.

26th September 2018

We are experiencing internet problems- please bare with us as we cannot access the internet currently.

1st March 18

Due to adverse weather conditions Tiny Toes will be closing at 3pm today, Thursday 1st March.

Jan 18.

We are currently in the process of changing the displays in the corridor outside the nursery. The first one to change is next to the coat racks. Please take the time to have a look. It is all about healthier lunch boxes. A recent survey showed that very few lunch boxes surveyed in typical primary schools were meeting the nutritional needs of the children so we have pulled together s display based on the most recent information to help make making healthier lunch boxes easier!

Oct 17

Parents sometime wonder why messy play is so important in nursery, yes, your children do come home covered in paint and  shaving foam or even porridge but as well as ensuring the washing machine doesn’t get a break messy play has a value in helping your children learn and develop. Messy play allows children to experience a variety on textures, it gives them an opportunity to learn new vocabulary and speak and listen. Handling the messy play materials helps build strong hands and practice fine motor skills and they get opportunities to practice maths in a real world situation, counting items, filling pots full or half full or cutting items in to halves or quarters.

Hands On Learning website gives a nice overview about why we value messy play so much in the early years.

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