Baby Room at Tiny Toes

WE HAVE PLACES AVAILABLE NOW!  FEES £5.75 per hour,( minimum booking  of 3hrs twice a week)


Our baby room has space for up to 9 children and is a dedicated space for our 0-2’s.  It is lead by an experienced level 3 practitioner  who has had specific additional training in caring for babies. There is a quiet sleep room with two cots, a baby gym, role play area, messy play table, book corner and plenty of space for crawling and learning to toddle. There is also direct access to our outdoor play area so outdoor play is easy to schedule.

We plan the day around the children and their specific learning stage and age, so there is plenty to keep everyone engaged. As the children near two, they start to spend part of the time in the room with older children  meaning we can offer developmental challenging activities without impacting the littlest ones in the baby room.

A typical day for a full time child might start at 8am with a warm welcome at the door. Siblings are dropped off together and the older and younger children have breakfast together at 8:30, either something you provide or cereal, milk and toast. Babies can get upset when they say good bye but quickly settle and we will always ring if they don’t. The children can then play in the ball pool or with some of the many toys.

After breakfast the older children go to their room and the baby room gets busier with the 9 o’clock arrivals. They bring their coats, wellies, and bags in with them and these hang on pegs in the room, ready for nappies changes and to dress to go outside. Drinks pop in the box and the babies can access these independently when they are able, otherwise staff offer drinks at regular intervals.  Now for some fun, there are shape sorters, cars, rattles, dolls, books, musical instruments, play kitchen, dressing up, train tracks, puzzles and lots more. We might do some painting, create a collage or have a play messy activity. Maybe we will have the tents and tunnels out or the soft play. At 10:30 we sit down for snack, (fruit and salad vegetables and something like a bread stick or rice cracker.) For those still weaning you will need to bring a suitable snack in and of course the very little ones  have their bottles. We will follow the same routines that you have at home while they gradually transition  to the nursery routine, so please let us know when your baby eats, has a bottle and sleeps during the settling in visits. After snack we often go outside although by now some children are ready for a sleep so they are settled first in their beds. If the weather is cold and wet we’ll stay in and play. 11:45 is song and story time, a time for quiet and rest while lunch is prepared. Lunch is at 12 and this you will need to provide this in a lunch box with cool pack. We can heat food and milk up as required.  After lunch  lots of the babies will sleep, but not all, so for those still awake there is more play, either inside or out. There is a further snack served in the after noon and tea at 4:30/5.00 ready for home time at 6pm.

We offer the hours you need, so children can stay all day 8-6, start at 9 and leave at 3 or come for just the morning or afternoon. Sessions are a minimum of three hours long and you must book at least two sessions a week. All sessions start and end on the hour to avoid too many interruptions.


We track the children’s development and record what they have been up to using photographs in their learning journeys. These stay with them as they move through the nursery providing you with a special keeps sake when they leave. Each baby also has a written daily diary so you can see when they sleep, how they ate and other important news about their day. Each July a written ‘report’ is sent home and of course please make time at drop off and pick up for a little handover with staff. If you have any concerns about anything to do with baby please us know, we are trained and experienced professionals so can offer advice about weaning, sleep and any developmental concerns, if we can’t help, we can point you in the right direction.