Trustee/Volunteer Youth Leaders Recruitment

We urgently need to recruit a team of 4-6 trustees to get the youth centre back on it’s feet.

The need for a viable youth centre in Iver is just as relevant today as it was 20 odd years ago when the youth centre first opened. Youth work has a very important part to play in helping young people to gain confidence, gain skills and become productive members of the community. It is more than just a place they can hang out, although it gives them the safe space to just be with friends, a youth centre can be so much more. But to do that we need volunteer leaders and trustees.

In a volunteer trustee role you might only need to volunteer a few hours each term for termly trustee meetings.  You would provide the drive to build attendance at the youth centre and help ensure it meets the statutory regulations. Ideally some of our trustees will have some relevant experience, perhaps in business, child protection, education or youth work although enthusiasm and energy is just a much a valuable resource for the project.

As a volunteer leader you would be fully trained through the Action 4 Youth training program for your role.  This would include first aid training, behaviour management, safeguarding and lots more. We would like to ask for an initial commitment of about 12 months to make investment in training worthwhile. So perhaps 2 hrs a week. We do not have any set times of dates for sessions currently so that would be something that would be negotiated by the volunteer team at the start of the project.

By being part of the project you will be helping keep a vital community service running, gaining new skills, meeting new people and gaining experience.

The role might suit students in social work, teacher training, child development and other related area as a way of gaining experience working with young people (great for CV’s) although we don’t want to put any off! All ages welcome including retirees looking to try something different.

Please do get in touch on 01753 654546 or email

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